Better Transport|Adequate Drinking Water| Proper Garbage Management|Improved Safety


In a rapidly developing country such as India, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are increasingly playing a balancing role between the government administration and citizens to ensure the latter's easy access to fundamental rights and state/central government's developmental schemes. Being an interface between the common people and government administration, an NGO's role in streamlining the services for the masses is vital for the healthy functioning of any democracy.

HEART Vision

To plan and drive sustainable development programs through social gatherings and movements, to improve overall standard of living and state of infrastructure in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi (MIDC) and surrounding area, to be at par with developed countries.

HEART Mission

To engage, educate and encourage all employees and residents in Hinjawadi and surrounding areas to unite and work together, with Government Institutions or independently on below mentioned core infrastructure matters:

  • Efficient urban mobility and public transport
  • Sanitation, Garbage and solid waste management
  • Adequate water supply
  • Safety and security of citizens (particularly women)
  • 24x7 electricity supply
  • Good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation

Efficient Urban Mobility and Public Transport

Renowned as IT Hub of Magnetic Maharashtra, employing more than 2 Lakh employees, Hinjewadi IT park is facing major traffic related problems from last many years and various measures ..............

Adequate water supply

For the past few years, six villages, including Hinjewadi, Maan, Chande, Nande, Marjuni and Mahalunge, have been facing a severe drinking water crisis. With continuously growing population ..................

Sanitation, Garbage and solid waste management

The Hinjewadi IT Park has witnessed a significant increase in residential properties in the last few years. There are multiple illegal hotels and tea, snacks, vegetable shops in the surrounding areas. ......................

Safety and security of citizens (particularly women)

Before the IT industry arrived, Hinjawadi and surrounding area was largely agricultural. Of the about 1,000 acres of farmland during the 1990s only about 150 acres remain even as the population ...........

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